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What Is SERP? Fully Explained


What Is SERP? Fully Explained

Hello, Friends Whats Up Today I am Back With New Article And The Article Is “What Is SERP? Fully Explained”. So, If You Guys Have A Website And You Are Not Getting Good Traffic Then This Post Is For You. So, Read More About This Post Below.

What Is SERP?

Friends SERP Is Search Engine Result Page. If You Guys Have A Website Then Its Compulsory To Optimize Your Site As Search Engine Result Page. SERPs are web page listings that return search results based on a keyword query. If You Rank On SERP Then Its Is Called As Page Rank.

Why I Need Search Engine Result Page?

Search Engine Result Page is the page Which Is Shown by a search engine in response to a query by a searcher In Search Engine. Show If You Have A Website And If You Need Good Traffic Then the best Sources Is Search Engine.

Even It To increase your revenue or your site optimization. Search Engine Result Is Very Important For Website Who Need For Traffic In Their Website Or in Blogs.

How Does Search Engine Result Works?

Search Engine Result Works On A Specified Terms Like SEO(Search Engine Optimization). Search Engine Result Page Are Two Types And They Are Organic Result And Paid Result Lets Know More About This Two.

‘Organic’ Results

Organic Results Are Those Results Which Which Have Done Best Of Best SEO In Their Webpage And If They Have specialize in optimizing web content and websites.

In The Given Following Screenshots, Highlighted Things Are Organic Results:


This Is Called As Search Engine Result Page And See The Side Result Box It Is Known As Knowledge Graph And Also Called As Knowledge Box. This Feature Is Introduced By Google In 2012. This Feature Puts The Data The Data Which Is Asked Most. In This GIen Image at The Top You Can See There Is Information About Abraham Lincoln such as the date and place of his birth, his height, the date on which he was assassinated, his political affiliation, and the names of his children.

Some Search Engine Result Page Will Show significantly Result. There Are Three Types Of Search Results:

  • Informational
  • Navigational
  • Transactional

These Are Three Types Of Most searches In Search Engine.

‘Paid’ Results

Paid Results Are Those Results which Is Paid To Search Engine To Display In The Top Of Search Engine Page. In Past The Paid Results Are In Small And They Were In Text. But Now The Paid Searches Are Huge And They Are In Images.

In The Given Following Screenshots, See There Is Written In Yellow Color ‘Ad’ They Are Paid Searches.

What Is SERP
What Is SERP

See At The Top Of Search Engine Result Page There are Three Text Ads And They Are PPC(Pay Per Click). PPC Ads Are Those Ads Who pays To Search Engine Pay Per Click example: If Somebody Click On And Advertiser Put 1$ Per Click Then If Somebody Click On That Ad Then Advertiser Will pay 1$ To Search Engine.

The Images ads Are Shopping Ads Shown At The Side Of Search Engine.This Feature Is Offered In Google Adwords Platform That Allows ecommerce retailers’ product information In The Search Engine Result Page. ecommerce or Shopping Ads Contains The Product Information, User Reviews And Special Offers.

Hope You Guys Understand About SERP. And Share This Post If You Want To Thanks Me.



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