Do, you want to learn How to use free internet in NTC? Yes, I want to learn and use free internet in NTC an also I need the latest method to use free internet in NTC. NTC Free net is founded by AJAJ KHAN and it becomes really helpful for those people who cannot afford internet and who cannot buy data packs.

What Is NTC?

NTC is short Form of Nepal Telecom and it is also called as Nepal Doorsanchar Company Ltd. Nepal Telecom was Founded on 13 April 2004. Nepal Telecom is a company which is state-owned company and in 91% of Government share. Nepal Telecom is the first operator to provide 4G LTE service in Nepal.

Why should I Use Free internet in NTC?

Guys if you can not afford internet in your home or you can not buy data packs but wants to use the internet then obviously you should use NTC free net. And another reason is to use the free internet is some peoples have wifi in their home but outside they cannot use outside and NTC free net will help you.

How To Use Free Internet in NTC?

There are two different and best method to use Free internet in NTC and the methods are given below.

Web Tunnel Method

The Web Tunnel is a name of App which will help to use Free internet in NTC. Web tunnel is developed by TunnelGuru. And this app is VPN over HTTP. So, by using the host you can use free internet n NTC.

How to get NTC free net?

To Use Free internet using Webtunnel you should follow the given steps:-

  • Download VPN Over HTTP Tunnel: WebTunnel By clicking on this link.
  • Then Let The App Install in Your Phone.
  • After Installation Go to your Phone settings/mobile data/ Access point and set the settings like the image given below.


Access point Settings

Free Internet in NTC
Free Internet in NTC
  • Then Set Some Settings in Web Tunnel app. See the screenshot given below:-

    • An enjoy Free net using Web Tunnel. Or watch the given below video.

HTTP Injector Method

This is the Fastest method to use the free net in NTC. This method is best in my aim but this is little hard. By using HTTP injector app it will help you to use the free net in ntc for 1 week but after 1 week you should create another username and password.

Watch The given below video to learn to use free net in NTC using HTTP Injector.



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